Together Against Domestic Abuse and Violence
schools against domestic abuse and violence
Organizations and Employers Against Domestic Abuse ~ Together We Can Make a Difference
A FREE guide to help employers, organizations and service providers  identify, prevent and support colleagues, employees and clients at risk of Domestic Abuse and Violence
  • Are you an employer or employee and you’re worried about one of your colleagues or co-workers who may be living in an abusive environment?
  • Do you know the signs and symptoms of someone living with Domestic Violence and Abuse?
  • Do you know that domestic abuse negatively impacts staff performance and the productivity of your business?​

  • ​Do you know that we all have a legal obligation to protect the children from harm and that Domestic Violence and Abuse puts them at risk of harm?
  • Do you know who these families are and how to support and protect them?

  • Download this FREE guide to see how to protect and support your work force and colleagues and keep their children safe

Why Wait? Identify and support your workforce and colleagues:

In the FREE eBook, You Will Discover:

What Domestic Abuse is and How it Links to Child Protection

How Domestic Abuse Can Affect the Performance of Your Employees and Colleagues

Where to get Support for the People in Your Organization who are Living with Domestic Abuse and How to Keep their Children Safe.

How Organizations and Employers can Prevent Domestic Violence and Abuse

About the Author: Julie Leoni

My name is Julie Leoni and in all my roles: whether as a psychology teacher, doctoral researcher, trainer and consultant on Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) curriculum, coach or mum, I have worked with individuals and organisations to increase well-being, emotional awareness and safer.

I have seen first-hand the negative impact of domestic abuse and I want to ensure sure that people living in abusive homes get the help and support they need to keep themselves and their children safe. Together we can do this.

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Together Against Domestic Abuse and Violence