These videos are designed to explain simply what domestic abuse is and the affect it can have on survivors and their children.  Download one today to find out how you can protect yourself and others from domestic abuse.

  • Protect yourself and your kids
  • Find help
  • Protect your pupils
  • Protect and support your staff and colleagues
Domestic Abuse and Violence - schools

Schools Against Domestic Abuse Training Video £40

CPD video for schools Download now to protect your students from the harm caused by domestic abuse and find out how it links to child protection

Kids Against Domestic Abuse Support Video £10

 Support Video for Kids    If you are worried that an adult you live with treats other people badly, download now to see how you can help    

Survivors Against Domestic Abuse Support Video £20

Support Video for Victims   if your partner makes you feel bad or scares you, download now to find out more and get help

Organizations Against Domestic Abuse £40

Staff Training Video Download now to find out more about signs and symptoms to protect your staff and their children from domestic abuse

 Together we can make a difference

Together Against Domestic Abuse